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Take care of your employees with a bespoke corporate health check plans from Harley Street Medical. With corporate health plans tailored to suit the needs of your staff, we offer a comprehensive selection of screening tests, physical checks and other services designed to promote physical and mental health and wellbeing – for a workforce that’s happier, healthier and more productive. Our Health Check gives you a snapshot of the overall health of your company, whilst providing your employees with medically validated guidance to help them minimise their risks and improve wellbeing.

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Corporate flu vaccines

Protect your employees against the latest flu strains with corporate flu vaccinations from Harley Street Medical. Designed to minimise staff sickness and keep your business running throughout the flu season, our corporate flu vaccination programme can be administered either in your workplace or at our Harley Street clinic.

This can be added as part of the package during the flu season, contact us to enquire about our corporate flu vaccinations.

Corporate Health Check Packages

Take care of your employees with a corporate health package from Harley Street Medical. Choose bespoke corporate health services tailored to your team.

In-person Health Checks at your office

At Harley Street Medical, we aim to provide a convenient service for all employees. Our Health Checks can be provided at your office by our specially trained Clinical Pharmacists, Nurses, and GPs with 30 min appointments.

Why work with Harley Street Medical?

Working with businesses to offer high quality medical services, we’re proud of our accessible approach to elite healthcare. With corporate health packages available for all budgets, we aim to build a long-term rewarding relationship with every one of our corporate clients – offering a flexible and comprehensive bundle of medical services designed to meet the needs of your business.

Ensure a happy and healthy workforce

Health and wellbeing are fundamental to a happy and rewarding life. When ill health does occur at work, it can result in lower productivity, reduced morale and staff absence – but with regular screening and preventative checks, serious medical issues can be identified and managed early. Providing this important benefit to your staff is an attractive perk that also lets them know that their wellbeing is your priority – resulting in a caring corporate culture and a happier, more dedicated workforce where employees can thrive.

Offer convenient access to expert health advice

One of the biggest benefits of a corporate healthcare package from Harley Street Medical is the easy access it offers to leading doctors in their field. Employees under our corporate health schemes get the peace of mind of knowing that whatever their concerns, they can contact a GP and obtain an appointment quickly, with no fuss.  We offer both virtual and in-person consultations for the ultimate convenience.

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We offer bespoke services based on your company’s requirements, and we’d be delighted to find out how we can best help you. To discuss our corporate health check packages in more detail, please contact us.

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Our bespoke corporate health packages


Every business is different, so we base our corporate health checks on the medical needs of your workforce. Our tailored approach means that you can obtain the right level of care for the age and health profile of your staff.


There are solutions available for the whole workforce, or bespoke solutions for smaller and more specialised employee population.


The tests will be delivered by our medical team with an opportunity for a follow up consultation. Employees will receive a detailed personalised Health check Report with all their test results and recommendations to support them improve their well-being and health. Options for corporate health check include:




A health questionnaire to assess current life style with a 1-1 consultation

  • Wellwoman/Wellman Blood test with key indicators such as liver and kidney function


  • Urine tests to screen for diabetes and other conditions


  • Blood Pressure Test


  • Heart Rhythm Test


  • Full body composition Scan


  • Prostate and Ovarian Cancer Marker Screening


  • Blood Oxygen Saturation


  • Mental Health Profile Screening


  • Personalised health plans designed to help individuals manage their own particular risk profile


  • Genetic testing


  • Diagnostic imaging


  • Referrals to specialists including dieticians, physiotherapists, mental health professionals and more.



You will also have the opportunity to request further bloods tests that may be beneficial for your employees. They will also be able to request any tests they would like to fund themselves.


As an employer, you will receive an anonymised summary your employee health check results, as well as, an advisory note stating any trends that we have identified in your workforce. This will enable you to make evidence based decisions when evaluating your current practice. For example, if you discover that many of your employees have high cholesterol you may want to change the food that is being offered in your canteen.

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