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If you are worried about your symptoms and think you will need a scan to investigate, our Harley Street Medical Team are here to help you. We offer a range of diagnostic imaging including MRI, CT and Ultrasound scans which will be available almost instantly.

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Private Pregnancy Scan

Many parents to be enjoy the reassurance of regular scans throughout their pregnancy. If this is something that interests, you. We can offer on-demand ultrasound scans with detailed, high-definition images, with state-of-the-art 3D and 4D scanning technology allowing you to get to know your baby while they are still in the womb. 

Types of MRI scans available at
Harley Street Medical

Including Ultrasound Scans we offer a range of scans at Harley Street Medical including

Private CT Scan

A computerised tomography (CT) scan uses X-ray technology to take images of the inside of your body. It’s used to investigate symptoms and diagnose conditions, as well as monitoring your progress if you have already been diagnosed.

Private ultrasound scan

Ultrasound scans, commonly known as sonograms, use highly-frequency waves to produce images of the inside of the body. This type of scan is commonly used to investigate a range of symptoms, including pain and unexplained swelling. It can monitor the conditions of your joints, muscles, ligaments and cartilage.

Private MRI Scan

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan (MRI) is used to take detailed images inside your body. MRI scans can be produced for almost any part of the body, so they are a valuable investigative tool for a variety of different symptoms and conditions. They are especially useful for taking images of soft tissue, which does not show up on X-rays. Your doctor may recommend an MRI scan for a wide variety of different issues:

  • brain scans, to investigate neurological symptoms or to discover if a brain injury has caused any damage
  • heart and blood vessel scans, to investigate the structure of the heart, or any problems with blood circulation
  • scans of your internal organs to look for tumours or other problems
  • bone and joint scans, to discover any damage or investigate nerve pain
  • MRI scans of the breasts, to screen for or monitor breast cancer

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How will I receive my results?

The results will get sent directly to your GP. We will arrange another appointment with our GP’s after your scan’s to talk through your results. In this follow up appointment we will assess your individual needs and will continue your journey with you through the next steps

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Why choose Harley Street Medical

At Harley Street Medical, we are passionate about providing the highest standards of care to all our patients. Our team of leading cardiologists is supported by a team of friendly, efficient and dedicated nurses, physiotherapists and other medical professionals, and should you require their care and expertise, you will also have access to consultants with other specialisms.

With state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, comfortable facilities and quick access to the treatment you need, you can be confident that our cardiology team will take the best possible care of your heart.

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